Guest Info

You didn't even look at the main page, did you? That's okay, this is why this section is here! We know lots of you are coming in from overseas (not that it excuses you from forgetting how websites work. I know they have internet over there!)

The Deets

Jon and Des (OMG, get with the game, y'all)

Getting hitched, tying the knot, jumping the broomstick, taking the plunge, buying the cow, setting up shop, etc.

September 12, 2015, 1:00 PM

Demosthenian Hall, on the University of Georgia campus (and, no, Des won't stop gloating about making her Georgia Tech alum better half tie the knot on HER alma mater)

Because we love each other and stuff.

Remains to be seen, but we're told it involved kissing, so we're game.

Hotels and Parking

Due to our budget and guest list size, we didn't bother booking blocks of rooms, so feel free to use Orbitz, Travelocity, etc. We advise booking sooner rather than later though, because this is during football season (the weekend of the wedding is an away game, but the weekends before and after are home games, if you're planning to hang around town).

Quick walk to the venue

Quick drive to the venue


The North Campus Parking Deck is the easiest to park in for convenience of getting to and from the venue. If you leave AFTER 11 PM, it will not cost anything (in case you needed incentive to pay a visit to downtown) but if you leave before, pricing details can be found here. The map below shows you where the parking deck is, but you can click on "more options" and it will take you to Google Maps so you can choose a second location for directions.


For your convenience, we did some sartorial investigation and have provided the results below.

alt text here


Why? Seriously, just why?

alt text here


A for effort?

alt text here

Verdict: Possibly acceptable.

You seriously risk the Des mugging you for that dress. Also, this is TOTALLY an acceptable wedding gift if any of you happen to have $25,000 laying around...

In short, use your common sense, folks. Prepare for fickle Georgia fall weather! Ceremony will be indoors with A/C, but there will be some outdoor fun for the reception!


Suggestions largely courtesy of Des, because after 4.5 years of living in Athens, she got to take in a LOT of the awesome!


  • Barbaritos - Awesome burritos! Des's absolute favorite place to get burritos.
  • Taco Stand - Great late night option and just down the street from the venue.
  • The Globe - KILLER VEGGIE BURGERS, good beer, great atmosphere. This was Des's pub of choice in college.
  • Walker's - Coffee by day, food by night. Great outdoor spot and a good place to read and people watch during the day.
  • Jittery Joe's - For all your tea and coffee needs, because you truly deserve better than Starbucks!
  • Taste of India - If you love Indian food, you simply MUST stop here for their lunch buffet. Seriously, its like you died and went to naan, pakora and kheer heaven.
  • Little Italy - This is where you go for pizza when you are broke and/or its late. Brilliant people watching and entertaining graffiti on the booths and tables.
  • Gigi's Cupcakes - In case you needed a sugar rush. There is twice as much icing as there is cupcake. No, I'm not kidding you.
  • Trappeze and Highwire - Two bars, same building! Trappeze is all about excellent beers (and some decent wine) and Highwire has the BEST cocktails.
  • Copper Creek - Great microbrewery with a good trivia night.
  • The Grit - Best restaurant in town, especially if you happen to be a vegetarian! Also a killer location for cakes. This is one of those "things Athens is known for" places. They also have a sister restaurant, Ted's Most Best.


  • Jackson Street Books - One of the oldest bookstores in the state! Des used to work here, and its one of her happy places. Seriously, she compares every other bookstore to this one when she walks it and its not even fair to the other places. I mean, this one has a bagel place next door, for heaven's sake!
  • Wuxtry Records and Comics - In case you need to snag a local record or the latest release of that comic you read (and if you don't need to do either of those things, you should start doing those things)

Totally random things that make Athens...well, Athens